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Thank You for looking at my family tree.

I am always interested to hear comments about my site, and especially information anybody may have.

I am particularly interested in hearing from people with connections to the more unusual names on my site such as Tebby, Ingleson, Eaddie and Elvidge along with any spelling of the name Bloxham, often spelt with an s instead of x, or with extra or missing letters.

My other main names of interest are:
Knight, Page, Prince, Birch, Sherratt and Adey, on my Dad's side.
Walls, Matthews, Flinn, Coates and Brining on my Mum's side.
Downes, Davis, Spencer, Blackwell, Chamberlain, Fownes and Hems on my Father in Law's side.
Ray, Whitehouse, Rhodes, Burgess, and Rudge, on my Mother in Law's side.
There are many more names on my list, all of which I am interested to hear about.

To get the best from this site, please use the Index as your first port of call. From there you will go to a family sheet. For further information on one of the couple, click on their name, this will take you to a person sheet.

Person sheets contain limited information that I know about each person.

Clicking on Contents on any page will always bring you back here.

Please bear in mind that a lot of the information on my website has been provided by third parties or online sources, and as such I can not guarantee the accurateness of it all. Although my intentions are to confirm all information I have, this is going to take many years and 1000's of pounds to do.

If you have any further information or corrections please contact me. This is one of the ways in which I can confirm and correct information.

If You Find A Connection

If you find that one of your ancestors is on my family tree, please contact me.

Once you have made contact, I will be able to provide you with much more information than it is possible to show here, including full birth and death details, census material, copy certificates, photos etc.

You will also have the option of including your 'branch' on this website, and having any enquiries about your branch forwarded to you.

Thank You's

I feel I must say a public thank you to everyone who has contributed information to my family tree, and ultimately to this site.

First and foremost, I would like to thank my husband and my 2 kids, without whose patience, this site and it's contents would not have been possible.
And Carol, Thank you for being such a great friend and for putting up with hours of me talking family history. And showing an interest!

Next I would like to thank mine and my husbands parents, aunts and uncles for the information and support. I know at times, it has been emotional talking to me about the past.

Special thank you's are due to:
Brian and Frances for the 'Ingleson' information
Janet for the 'Prince' and 'Adey' information.
Angela for the 'Page' information.
Barrie for the 'Eaddie' information.
Joy for the 'Brining' information.
Jan and Sarah for the 'Walls etc' information.
Alf for the 'Kitchin' information.
Andrea for the 'Walmsley' information.
Janet for the 'Bardy' information.
Ellen for the 'Yoxall' information.
And Steven for the 'Staffs' information.

Extra special thanks must go to Kari-Anne for taking the initiative to contact me, without which I would not have learned of my other Aunt and Uncle, or their families, you included.
And also extra special thanks to George, George and Winnie for all the help with the 'Davis' part of the family. And for locating so many of 'the cousins'

Last but not least, I would like to thank every one who has made contact with me. It has been great to receive your e-mails, and even better where we have managed to make a connection.


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A lot of the information on my site has been supplied by other people. Where I receive an email that one or more of these contacts may be better able to answer, or would also be interested in, I will forward a copy of your email to them. This may mean you will receive more than 1 email, or you may receive email from somebody else in response to your initial query.


Unfortunately, due to the unscrupulous and persistent junk mail senders, I have had to change the format of my contact details. It is no longer possible to click on my email address to bring up a new mail window. I have used the words dot and at instead of . and @ so Robots are unable to recognize it as an email address. I hope this doesn't cause you any problems.

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